Get More Bang For Your Remodeling Buck!

July 10, 2019 Priya 0 Comments

Is Curb Appeal a cliché in Maryland and DC? Not when it comes to adding value to your home. Did you know that few projects give you more bang for your buck than installing new garage doors?

Garage doors on the front of your home have a huge impact on overall appearance. This Old House Magazine reports garage doors show up to 30% of the front view. It’s the thing people see: 1980 builder-grade? Or 2019 insulated, up-to-date, newly installed quality. Cost vs. Value Report and the National Association of Realtors home improvement studies found that replacing the garage door is the 2nd most valuable home upgrade. (Stone veneer is #1 for 2019). Mid-Atlantic home return on investment was projected to be 115%.

Another huge benefit if you are considering replacement: adding safety and security. A new door operates much smoother than your ancient wood door and no need to worry about old internal parts breaking or failing. Much quieter too!

More upside: Energy efficiency. When replacing a door under a bedroom, consider a higher R-value insulated door to trap warm air in the home during those cold winter months. Lots to think about when considering a new door for your Rockville or Bethesda home! You can wait until time to sell or add heaps of value for your family today, rather than the next owner. Since 1988, Gaithersburg Garage Door has been helping you make this decision wisely.

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